Adolescence ; Definition, Common Problem and Reason of Adolescents

Definition of Adolescence ?

Adolescence :- This period extends from puberty to complete sexual maturity. Adolescence is characterised by accelerated physical growth, development of reproductive organs and changes in the functioning of neuroendocrine system. It is the period between 8-18 years for girls and 7-19 years for boys.

Adolescence ; Definition, Common Problem and Reason of Adolescents
Adolescence ; Definition, Common Problem and Reason of Adolescents

Common Problems of Adolescence :-

(i) Acne :- It results from clogged pores of skin due to a side effect of the influx of sex hormone, androgen. This ugly skin increases self consciousness.

(ii) Hypochondria :- It is the undue concern about health. In this condition, adolescents often suffer from anxiety and psychosomatic disorder.

(iii) Loneliness and Gregariousness :- Adolescents have different types of feelings at different times like social awkwardness when feeling of loneliness creeps, exhibitionism and aggressive self assertion feeling of gregariousness descends.

(iv) Craziness :- Some adolescents develop craziness for weight control. They eat very less resulting in improper growth and deficiencies. Others develop the craving to eat more. They overeat and become obese.

(v) Physiological Aberrations :- In some adolescents develop physiological aberrations like irregular menstrual cycle and absence of menstrual cycle. Perceptual disturbances may also occur.

Adolescence ; Definition, Common Problem and Reason of Adolescents
Adolescence ; Definition, Common Problem and Reason of Adolescents

(vi) Neurosthenia ( Gk. neuron-nerve, asthenia-debility) :- It is a chronic mental and physical fatigue, suffered by some adolescents resulting in headache, depression, insomnia, irritability, inability to concentrate and enjoy.

(vii) Phobia (GK. Phobos- Fear ) :- It is intense, irrational fear of objects, activities or situations.

(viii) Post-traumatic Stress Disorder :- It is a mental disorder which appears after experiencing a traumatic event or event beyond the normal human experiences like avalanche, rape, robbery, assault, torture, etc. Both the victims and bystanders can re-experience the traumatic event in recollections and dreams.

(ix) Addictions :- Adolescents have a tendency to fall prey to addictions to drugs, alcohol or tobacco due to several factors like peer pressure, curiosity, advertisement, feeling of independence, frustration, depression, false belief for better performance, etc.

Reason For Drug Addiction In Adolescence :-

  1. Frequent references of drugs by public media make some curious about drugs.
  2. Peer pressure.
  3. To get relief from frustration and depression.
  4. False belief of enhanced physical, mental and/or intellectual performance.
  5. A continued use of drugs for relief from pain.
  6. Family’s history.
  7. Feeling of independence.

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